Reform Crime Sentencing was originated in 1992 to address the draconian sentencing   practices used by an over zealous “Justice” system which has become an industry unto itself. Few citizens realize the massive cost of incarceration, not only in monetary terms, but also in community devastation related to the targeting of minority and low income individuals and even the mentally ill.

 According to the Federal Register it cost $33,197 to house each federal prisoner in 2015  and  there were 187,278 of them.  The Los Angeles Times reports that the state of California now  spends $75,560 per inmate per year.  New York City spends a shocking $167,731 per year for  each prisoner, according to the New York Times.  This can not be allowed to continue, yet  once again the U.S. justice system has announced that they will look to maximize all  sentences. 

Reform Crime Sentencing is a national organization whose members  include attorneys, educators prisoners and ex- prisoners, lobbyists and many concerned citizens,.  It is run as a grass roots partnership and has not yet begun fund raising activities.  Please visit our website RSCNOW. ORG to communicate with us and use our blogs to tell your story and express your thoughts.