First Bey Post 2021

Mr. Bey writes about his difficulties getting established after 25 years in prison. These themes are common to all released prisoners.

2 thoughts on “First Bey Post 2021”

  1. How do we get help with a loved one who was careered on something that shouldn’t have been careered? Also, how does the new Justice Reform bill that Biden is planning affect those who have been careered? (even though they shouldn’t have been)

  2. Ms Griffin, your comment on using prior convictions to career a defendant is a tactic designed to compel most defendants faced with a term of imprisonment to plead guilty to current charges that they may be facing. Thus the defendant enters into what is called a plea agreement. Unbeknownst to most defendants is the waiver of rights. Thus after sitting in prison for a couple of years that deal doesn’t look so good, and defendants seek to undo the contract they have entered into. Often times this task becomes a up hill battle as Courts frown on providing relief to defendants who sign up for prison. You, enter the agreement by admitting your guilt to a crime. You discredit yourself by signing the contract. Thus once you’re labeled a career offender people unaware of the connotations attach to the definition career offender suspect that is exactly who you are. People nor courts look at the factors behind crime. Thus rarely is a person looked at as a human being with issues. The prosecutor and courts take great pains to re-characterize offenders as not human, thus the labels courts and prosecutor attach to the offender. The concept is to dehumanize you to cage you up for a non violent offense. Like 30 years in prison for a $20 dollar piece of dope. Using the term career offender allows for the court at the request of a prosecutor to seek increase punishment. 30 years for 10 dollar offense. The public is unconscious of the diabolical concept dating back to the 1600’s in which this concept is born. will unravel the lie associated with the practice and attempt to provide information and assistance to address your expressed question.

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