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Call To Action: Our frequent contributor Mr. Bey has served almost 25 years of a 30 year sentence enhanced for “crack” but with no weapons or violence. His present outdate is June of next year, so he has little remaining time, but as is the case for most inmates, the BOP and the judicial system want their full pound of flesh. He has a motion before his sentencing court pursuant to the First Step Act, a motion before the local court to have the BOP compelled to follow their own policies, and a compassionate release application as he is 64 with lung issues that would likely make Covid 19 a death sentence. He needs letters from the public supporting the purpose and use of the First Step Act to remove inmates from prison and to have the BOP actually use the compassionate release directives. Please send your letter to Mr. Bey directly in prison as follows; Jerome Bey 38149-019 Federal Correctional Inst. P.O. Box 1000 Milan, Michigan 48160

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